Todoist Review – how to get things done (GTD)

Are you a person who repeatedly writes down daily tasks or to-do lists? Smartphone’s are taking task manager to-do things one step further with so many apps to choose from. But not all solutions are equal. We tend to like the web-based tools as they made working across multiple devices a snap. Todoist, it may turn out to be best to-do list stuff as an answer to all of your chaos’s and getting things done, when choosing one from tons of similar services available. It also communicates with Toggl, a simple time tracking tool for tracking time to complete a certain task.


Ease of Use

Pretty simple and elegant with minimal design like all Google products, even non-tech users will find how to add a task and reminders within couple of minutes after entering in. Step-by-step tool tips make it even better to communicate. For mobile users, Todoist also have a quick add button in notification area, so this make even easier to add least priority tasks.

Useful Features for Free

  • 13 Platforms to choose from – Believe it or not, it allows you to real-time sync across 13 platforms, including Web, Gmail, Chrome, Firefox, iOS devices, Android and Windows. You will never miss any task and always be on your mobile, browsers and more with all such Todoist platforms available.

todoist apps

  • Grouping & Sharing – You can group your tasks within certain project and even share them to make collaboration easy. For example, you have added a project which relates to your research team such as “Research papers list”. You can go ahead and start adding your team to collaborate over this task and every new research paper listed for future reading can be grouped to “Research papers list”. Though the free version only allows sharing limited to 5 users.


  • Multiple Priority Levels with Karma – We can mark our tasks with certain “priority levels” using colours, so they remind you getting things done within time limit. Todoist uses its own Karma system to track user’s productivity and encourage increasing it through well-known approach like GTD.



Handy features missing for Freetodoist-mac

  • Location based & Email Reminders – Now this is very cool and much needed for a person who travels. It triggers and reminds me about the task when leaving or entering a specific location. For example, once I forgot to carry novels to read while traveling, as “My Travel Novels” was added to recurring task which get things done. It also send reminders via email and SMS
  • Labels, Filters and Notes – Another check for productivity, filter out your tasks categories and make easier to attach files, spreadsheets, project templates to associated task. As already discussed I can assign “Travel” or “Novels” or even both labels accordingly to “My Travel Novels” task which reminds me about what I prefer while traveling.

The bottom line

Spending $29 per year for Todoist Premium which means $2.50 per month for a whole lot of powerful features. It proves better solution towards customizations like using Toggl with Todoist tasks. You will able to integrate Toggle timer for your Todoist tasks which needs to be billable and help in estimating cost for certain tasks. Consider reading our Toggl Review to know more about details.