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Secure Email & Web Hosting

Most cyber crimes carried out on small businesses come in the form of malicious emails. The hackers typically get your business email address in a couple of ways. They either steal the address book of someone you know, or they break into your company’s website and scrape all the email information located there. We protect your business from these methods with the following:

  • Screened community of only US-based, local businesses
  • Secure and reliable, fully managed servers with controlled access
  • Timely maintenance and security updates along with constant monitoring
  • Layered firewalls on all online services
  • Secure connections to email and websites
  • Domain Reputation Monitoring
  • Rapid Response Team standing by 24/7/365

Making the Switch is Easy & Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Making the switch to our hosting solution is easier than you think, since we take care of it all for you. If within 30 days you are not satisfied that we are giving you superior service, then we will move you back to your previous service at our cost and refund anything you have paid to us, guaranteed.


Here is What Sets Vital Help Desk Apart:


  • Our solutions are tailored to your business
  • Fast and friendly service when you need it
  • We can also help with other IT recommendations



Customer Case Study

Our first client was being hosted on a Microsoft Exchange Server completely overrun with viruses. Outlook was failing to synchronize with the server. It took employees 20 minutes to check their email! Worse of all unknown to them, the server was stuffed into dirty closet inside a Florida country club instead of the secure data center they were promised.

We not only transferred this client to a clean server, we helped them abandon their spam-filled email and move to new addresses. Our comprehensive filters took over the job of day-to-day protection.

Today, we write custom filters for all our email clients to block new and ever-changing hacks. We also run an aggressive firewall to prevent brute force attacks and stolen passwords.

Let’s Work Together

Behind every small business we see families living the American Dream. We want to make sure the last thing you have to worry about is hackers and spammers trying to steal that dream from you.