Our Agents are on a Mission To

Protect your Business From Cyber Criminals

And It Starts With Secure and Reliable Email & Website Hosting
Get Protected

One Bad Email Could
Shut Down Your Business

Cyber attacks cost small businesses between $84,000 and $148,000 per year. As a result, 60% of small businesses go OUT OF BUSINESS within six months of an attack.

Unlike a stolen credit card, banks are not required to reverse the transaction leaving you holding the loss.

Some of Our Client Stories

Nightmare to Promise Land

Our reluctant journey to offering secure hosting which includes being called out by Anonymous, the global hacking group.

The Angry Trial Lawyer

How one office worker’s innocent click kicked off a firestorm from an angry trial lawyer.

The Stolen Tax Refund

How one accounting firm had a client’s tax refund stolen. The most sophistic cyber theft we ever witnessed.
What We Do

How We Help

How are we different? We consolidate website design, web-hosting, and email support into one easy service. We fully manage your email and website. Our friendly and brilliant techs are there when you need them. We keep your business safe and help you get more done with less effort.

Secure Email & Website

Protect your business from hackers and spammers with our secure, fully managed email and web services.

Vital Help Desk Support

We’re here when you need us. We offer help with your email, website, devices, software and general tech questions you have.

Smart Website Services

Website design, updates, customization, and even custom programming are available. Grow your business without sacrificing security.

A Prescription Without A Diagnosis Is Malpractice

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter solution or pay for options you’ll never use because of a high pressure sales call.  We’ll listen and diagnose your situation first  then offer you a tailored solution (perscription) specific to your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll switch you back at our cost.

Let’s talk about the following:


Stop The Viruses


Stop the Spam


Secure your website


Secure You Business


Why Us?

If Not Us, Then Who?

It’s more about you than us. We know that each of our businesses are really just moms & dads just trying to do the best for their families, their customers and colleagues. We just want to make sure you can do what you need to do, and go home at the end of the day with peace of mind.

Honest and dependable

It’s just a shame that we have to mention “Honest and Dependable” here, but unfortunately it’s the #1 reason our new customers switch away from their current service provider. We take our customer support promise seriously – much more than other service providers. We are always up-front and always looking to help you to succeed

Vigilant and Ready

Like the lighthouse in our logo, we see ourselves as a beacon for “safe passage” for our clients. Cyber criminals are constantly changing their tactics, so we remain vigilant to stay ahead of their threats and, at the same time educate our users to their latest scams Working together, we can keep your business safe from cyber threats.
Our clients?

Say They ♥ Us

Since 2005, we have had over a decade to serve our clients and earn their trust.

Google “Vital Help Desk” to check out some of our fans’ testimonials.

Kris helped us develop our first website, and he was there when we were ready for and upgrade. His guidance and insight throughout the redesign process is simply unmatched. We could not be more happier with our new website! Our new website is everything we needed and wanted. It is appealing, functional and easy to navigate.

Sabina Tomshinsky

Attorney at Law - Owner, Hometown Law Firm

Kris built my website and it is just awesome. Brings me in a ton of business. His team has done such an amazing job with my SEO, unbelievable results!


Master Mark Thibodeau

Owner, World Class TaeKwonDo

Kris with Vital Help Desk has done amazing things for my business. He is professional and easy to work with!
Sarah Ness

Real Estate Agent, Arellano Realty & Investments

Always available when we need them and their work is outstanding.

Nikki Collado

Receptionist, Kaba Consulting

Join The Family

Behind every small business we see families living the American Dream. We want to make sure the last thing you have to worry about is hackers and spammers trying to steal that dream from you.