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Google Partners – Google Suite

Google’s cloud-based tools make your email, contacts, calendar and documents always available – no matter which device you are using.


  • Share and edit files in real-time from any location
  • Streamline everyday tasks like scheduling, invoicing, budgeting and more
  • Use Google’s simple search to find events, docs, emails and messages
  • Start an email at your work computer and finish it on your phone!

Since work is automatically backed up on Google’s secure data center network, you no longer have to worry about theft of your devices or accidents to your hardware. Most importantly, you continue to own and control all of your data.

Small Business Implementation

Move your business to Google Apps the right way. We’re an authorized Google Apps reseller with years of expertise in Googledom. When we say it will be easy, we mean it.

  • Seamless implementation that will not affect your day-to-day operatations.
  • Free migration of all existing email and business information
  • Organizational training and continued 24/7 tech support


Florida Success Story

Google Apps provides the same collaborative, business-grade tools as Microsoft Exchange – at a fraction of the cost. Security and reliability far surpass Exchange.

Recently, we rescued a Florida client that was about to go under with Exchange. Over just one weekend, we migrated all of their existing emails, contacts and calendars into Google Apps.

We then prepared individual screencasts with step-by-step tutorials and tips to help their employees adapt to the Google universe. These educational screencasts proved so popular, we now send them out in our email newsletter .


Let’s Work Together

Behind every small business we see families living the American Dream. We want to make sure the last thing you have to worry about is hackers and spammers trying to steal that dream from you.