Mobile Flightlight Apps steals your data

As always Vital Help Desk is back with important security alerts which we are concerned about and want to help spreading awareness between our clients, family and friends.

We are completely shocked to find that cybercrime experts talking about flashlight applications being created to steal important personal data from our phones. Question stays, “Could our Smartphone Spy on us?” If so, “What kind of data is under treat?”

Recently, with their reports Gary Miliefsky (Cyber Expert) has claimed over a half billion smartphones are affected by “flashlight apps”, which spot victims and steal personal data which we don’t want to share. Unfortunately, top 10 flashlight applications from Google play store are all such threatening devices which spy, collect data and send out to makers of the application. This data includes contacts, messages, your location and major of all they can spy your mobile banking apps and look for online transactions. They can steal more data areas depending over phone access.

Keep in mind, that the built-in flashlight tool that comes with Apple and Android phones are completely safe. They are specifically warning against 3rd party flashlight apps.

We recommend you to watch above video to find out how to stay safe and remove such flashlight apps.

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