New Outlook Virus Steals your Addressbook

A tricky new virus targets Microsoft Outlook users and lures you into opening the ZIP file attachment. Google Apps users should not worry as, Google blocks these emails. It takes many forms and that is why it has been difficult to block. Please watch this short video to give you some quick tips on avoiding it.



So far we have seen it take the following forms:

  • Mailing Labels from DHL, FedEx, UPS, & USPS
  • Fax Services from Xerox Fax Machine
  • Banking Communications from Wells Fargo & Bank of America

When you open the attachment, nothing immediately happens which make you think it was junk. But the hacker wakes the virus after business hours and proceeds to steal your address book, spreading the virus to your co-workers and worse your clients.

Unfortunately, once you come into contact with this virus your email address will added to circulated spam lists resulting in you getting more spam messages.

If you think you may have mistakenly open this attachments, you can give us a call at 407-982-5200 or take the following steps to clean it yourself:

  • Download and run MalwareBytes Free. Depending on your computer, the scan typically takes about 20 minutes. Make sure you run the scan over and over until it says nothing was found. Sometimes, the virus will re-install after a reboot.
  • Reset you Internet Connection Settings. This Microsoft support article will step you through the easy steps.

Please share this article or video with family and friends to help spread the word about avoiding this virus.